Despite a long career as a voice actress, Aisha Tyler swears that she didn’t write one of the lead roles in her animated short for The Boys for herself. Yet she’s flawless casting as Nubia, one of the two superheroes featured in “Nubian vs Nubian,” the sixth short in the new animated anthology designed to keep The Boys fans happy until Season 3 premieres this June.

    All of the shorts in The Boys Presents: Diabolical take on unique aspects of life in this surreal universe overseen by executive producer Eric Kripke, utilizing different animation styles and some star-studded casts. In “Nubian vs Nubian,” Don Cheadle voices Nubian Prince, a superhero whose initial connection with fellow supe Nubia (Tyler) leads to marriage and a young daughter… and also the sorts of marriage issues that affect plenty of couples.

    Below, Tyler explains how she got involved with the Diabolical project, why she didn’t initially think about casting herself in the short, and the potential for these characters to appear in the live-action series at some point down the line. She also reveals where things stand in terms of production on the 13th season of Archer.