Britney Spears is still relearning to love life’s simple pleasures after being released from her isolating, 13-year conservatorship last year. That includes the shenanigans of Pete Davidson, who the star hilariously revealed she was unfamiliar with.

Davidson used Scott Disick’s Instagram account to post a video of the two hanging out, captioning the clip, “Boyz night was wild” (per Vulture). Spears reposted the clip of the present and past Kardashian family boyfriends, writing, “Sorry had to repost this. no idea who these people in the video are but it made me laugh so hard !!!!” Ouch.

It’s hard to imagine someone who hasn’t fallen under the spell of Pete Davidson (besides Kanye, of course), but it looks like Britney may be a fan now. We can hopefully expect to hear all about the star’s reconnection with pop culture when she releases her memoir.


As for Davison, the Saturday Night Live star may not be going to space, but at least his love life is going well.