Rather than addressing the missing child in that Jacobs family photo, the future of Cassie and Maddy’s friendship, or the $8,000 Rue still owes to a bone-chilling drug dealer, Sam Levinson decided to dedicate almost four minutes of the disastrous Euphoria Season 2 finale to Dominic Fike singing. For the crowd who kept hitting fast-forward during that threadbare scene, Fike has given “Elliot’s Song” a proper release today.

Believe it or not, the official studio version of “Elliot’s Song” is only two minutes and 30 seconds — shorter than the version Fike’s character sang to Zendaya’s Rue in Euphoria. But despite its limited runtime, “Elliot’s Song” still seems to trudge on for way too long, using platitudinous lyrics in a futile attempt to make us swoon: “I hope it was worth it in the end,” Fike murmurs in his sadboy croon in the chorus. Newsflash: it wasn’t!

Fike has a fine voice, and he’s accompanied here with backing vocals by Zendaya, who has a lovely set of pipes herself. But as if its pedestrian melodies weren’t enough to make us suffer, the studio version of “Elliot’s Song” completely wipes out any sense of homespun charm with overblown production. The track sounds like its engineers pulled a This Is Spinal Tap by deliberately turning the reverb on Fike’s voice from an acceptable 10 to an intolerable 11; at certain points, his words are unintelligible. But maybe that’s a good thing.


In Fike’s defense, he has no writing credit on “Elliot’s Song.” According to the YouTube description, the track was penned by Labrinth and Muzhda Zemar-McKenzie, the former of which handles most of the music on Euphoria. However — while his face tattoos and apparent mastery of sex imply otherwise —  Fike plays a teenager in Euphoria. Not that accurate portrayals of American high schoolers was ever actually Levinson’s goal, but if Elliot was supposed to have written this song, then maybe it should sound like a child wrote it. Listen to “Elliot’s Song” below.