The Pitch: Five seasons into the Netflix animated comedy Big Mouth comes Human Resources, a spin-off dedicated to exploring the workplace antics of Big Mouth’s hormone monsters.

    Not only does the show feature familiar Big Mouth hormone monsters Maury (voiced by Nick Kroll) and Connie (voiced by Maya Rudolph), as well as The Shame Wizard (voiced by David Thewlis), Love Bugs, and Anxiety Mosquitos, Human Resources also introduces dozens of new characters, including a “Logic Rock” named Pete (voiced by Randall Park), Petra the Ambition Gremlin (voiced by Rosie Perez), and many other fantastical creatures that represent the complex emotions of human beings.

    Rather than dwell on the pubescent confusion of adolescence, the creatures of Human Resources serve humans of all ages, and throughout the show, snapshots of their various clients are revealed. There’s a new mother named Becca (voiced by Ali Wong), a man named Doug (voiced by Tim Robinson) who is deeply obsessed with the Phoenix Suns, and a Lebanese grandmother suffering from dementia.

    Throughout their days accompanying these humans, the creatures fittingly deal with their own interpersonal drama: Early on in the show, a meta-joke suggests that the show’s creators pitched this like Big Mouth meets The Office, and though the show follows a much more sitcom-esque style than its predecessor, it’s certainly not much like the awkward workplace NBC comedy.