Amanda Bynes may be mere hours away from freedom. On March 21st, as TMZ reports, a judge ruled that the former child star’s conservatorship is “no longer required,” paving the way for the legal oversight to officially end at a hearing scheduled on March 22nd. Update: During a hearing on Tuesday, a judge terminated ended Bynes’ conservatorship.

Bynes lost control of her personal, medical, and financial affairs in 2013 after she set a neighbor’s driveway on fire. Her mother was named conservator, and since then the All That standout has struggled with drug addiction and bipolar disorder. In 2020, a judge ordered her into a psychiatric facility.

After nine years, Bynes filed to end the conservatorship last month. Reportedly, her parents are supportive of the decision, which is one of the reasons that the often slow wheels of justice are moving so quickly. It’s also why no obstacles are expected before her hearing on Tuesday.


A conservator’s support — or lack thereof — is an important step in ending these court-mandated programs. Last November, Britney Spears successfully terminated her own conservatorship. That decision came almost half a year after her bombshell court appearance during which she described the conservatorship as “abusive,” but things didn’t really get moving until her conservator, her father Jamie Spears, petitioned the court to end the conservatorship in September.

Last week, Bynes reached out to her steadfast fans. “My dearest fans, thank you for all the support throughout the year and every year,” she wrote on Instagram. “I know I’ve been so quiet lately, I just felt that I need my personal space and that it’d be better for me but it never was… just know that you’re my happiness!” Check out that message below.