Our time on this planet is preciously brief. Kanye West could spend his waking hours finishing the mess that is Donda 2 , or being a better father to his children, or using his billions to address some of the many problems in this world, but instead he has released a second music video for “Eazy,” in which he once again beats up Pete Davidson.

    This collaboration with The Game first dropped in January, and while the Compton MC would probably have preferred people to focus on his verse — a joyful ode to hip-hop culture — attention naturally turned to Ye’s threat to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass.” West’s preoccupation with his ex-partner’s new boyfriend quickly crossed the line into obsession; he’s encouraged his fans to harass Davidson, and in the first video for “Eazy” he took an effigy of the SNL comedian and buried it alive.

    Now he’s returning to the same poisoned well. The second “Eazy” video is a bizarre CGI curiosity. It co-stars the skinned monkey of the single artwork, and yet most of the first half of the visuals could be any generic rap video of the last thirty years. The Game drives around in a computer generated car, shows off a couple of guns, and generally has a good time. As for West, he hasn’t had a good time since Graduation.


    The second half of this “Eazy” video is much more surreal; West rapping in front of a burning recreation of his childhood home is about as normal as it gets. For the line, “How I ain’t bring nothing to the table when I’m the table?” he appears as a four-legged piece of furniture with a face. He gets a tattoo from the skinned monkey, literally turns his back on psychiatric counseling for “I don’t negotiate with therapists,” and throws a party in court as divorce papers fly like confetti.