Kenan Thompson reached a huge milestone on this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live by taking part in his landmark 1,500th sketch on the late-night comedy series.

The moment arrived when the veteran comedian, who currently holds the distinction as the longest-running cast member in the show’s history with a whopping 19 seasons under his belt, anchored a sketch as Gus Van Tant, the host of a home repair show interviewing people whose home improvement blunders had turned into major DIY catastrophes.

Throughout the skit, fellow cast members Kyle Mooney and Ego Nwodim and host Oscar Isaac came through the studio with tales of building their own backyard pool, punctures septic tanks, at-home electrocution via circuit breaker, and…calling the host out for not fixing up his own home.

“Hey baby, uh, whatcha doin’ here,” Thompson’s character nervously asked as his wife — played by Nwodim — strolled into the studio, replying, “Oh, just trying to repair my home. This damn fool is out here pretendin’ he’s a big expert, meanwhile his own house is literally falling apart.”


After the sketch aired, SNL uploaded a behind-the-scenes clip to social media showing the backstage celebration for Thompson, with cast member Heidi Gardner and a dozen or so crew members applauding the star as he approached from the set. “You guys. You’re gonna make me cry,” Thompson told the cheering group after taking a few mock bows and blowing air kisses.

Watch Thompson’s 1,500th sketch as well as the behind-the-scenes celebration below.

Thompson has been a full-time cast member on the sketch series since 2003, just three years after wrapping his beloved Nickelodeon series Kenan and Kel with former All That! co-star Kel Mitchell. He’s currently also juggling his duties on SNL with his eponymous sitcom Kenan, which is currently in its second season on NBC.