For our Track by Track feature, artists open up about the stories behind each song on their latest album. Today, Monsta X’s Kihuyn takes us track by track through his new album, Voyager.

    The members of MONSTA X are coming up on their seventh anniversary. The group debuted in 2015, and, in the years since, has made a name internationally as a group of kind young men who love making music as much as they love their fans. For member and vocalist Kihyun, though, this week marks a different kind of debut. With the release of his new EP, Voyager, out today, March 15th, Kihyun steps out on his own for the first time.

    The title track is a fiery debut, an addictive, rock-tinged song featuring bright piano and packed with opportunities for Kihyun to show off his vocals. When it comes to this project, and the experience of entering a space without the other members, Kihyun describes a mix of emotions.

    “It did put a lot of weight on my shoulders,” he tells Consequence. “But at the same time, I felt a greater sense of accomplishment. It felt amazing to think that I was pursuing my music.”


    For fans who crave more beyond the three tracks, Kihyun has some words of encouragement. “This is just the beginning, so stay tuned, MONBEBE!” he promises, sharing that something still on his bucket list is to dip into more genres — specifically, jazz.

    Kihyun has broken down the EP in our latest Track By Track interview. Stream Voyager and read his commentary in full below; you can also catch him on tour with Monsta X this spring and summer.