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Les Claypool catches up with Kyle Meredith to talk about Primus’ upcoming continuation of their A Tribute to Kings tour, where they play the 1977 Rush album A Farewell to Kings in full (get your tickets here).

The legendary singer/bassist goes on to discuss his fandom for Peter Gabriel, XTC, and Jerry Reed before giving us an update on the next Primus release (an EP that will feature a 13-minute song), a project with Sean Lennon that has something to do with animation, “a twang thing” with Billy Strings, and the possibility of another Oysterhead album.

Claypool then heads back to 2002 to talk about the Purple Onion LP and the possibly problematic song “Ding Dang” in the era of cancel culture, using his characters as a vehicle for social commentary, and his upcoming Bastard Jazz shows. Finally, comparing his own wine to his friend Maynard James Keenan of Tool’s wine: “His wine is great, but he doesn’t have a 20 foot weiner!”


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