With Origins, artists get the chance to share insights on their latest release. Today, Lights shares the inspiration behind her new escapist anthem, “In My Head,” featuring Josh Dun of twenty one pilots

    It’s not news that Lights moves to the beat of her own drum — the pop singer-songwriter loves to play around with the unusual and the avant garde — but “In My Head,” her latest single, takes the idea to a new level.

    Lights enlisted the help of twenty one pilots drummer Josh Dun for the anthemic new song, which arrives today, March 17th accompanied by a high-concept, playful music video. The track precedes Light’s PƎP (April 1st), an album packed, by design, with contradictions; it’s “cynical and sarcastic, seemingly lighthearted and comical but with a dark twist,” as she puts it.


    “I’ve been having fun exploring the dichotomy of those things over the course of my career,” she explains. “There’s a lyric on PƎP that goes, ‘I always say I’m the happiest sad girl you’ll ever meet.’ That’s my work in a nutshell.”

    Get an exclusive first look at the video for “In My Head” featuring Josh Dun, and check out Lights’ full Origins of the track below.