Not everyone remembers homework from second grade, but then, not everyone assigned themselves “Kissing Lessons” with a cool girl one year older. During Monday night’s Late Night with Seth MeyersLucy Dacus, America’s foremost poet of nostalgia, took the audience on a trip down memory lane.

Thankfully, Dacus is no longer couch-bound from her herniated discs, though she still restricted her Late Night movements to just her hands sliding across the guitar. And yet, there’s so much motion in her lyrics that you might not notice. No one is better at layering a knowing adult smile over a serious second-graders concerns, and when she sings, “She called me by the name of her crush/ I couldn’t decide if she was Cole or Justin,” you can simultaneously laugh and sense the momentousness of a little girl’s life changing forever. Check out “Kissing Lesson” below.

“Kissing Lessons” will be released on 7-inch vinyl on June 3rd alongside Dacus’ recent single “Thumbs Again.” Pre-orders are ongoing.

Dacus is about to embark on the European leg of her world tour before returning to North America this summer. She recently covered Bruce Springsteen at the Boss’ old stomping grounds, The Stone Pony, and before that she spoke to Indigo de Souza and Consequence for our Two for the Road interview series. If you’re hoping to catch her live, tickets are available here.