On Sunday, March 20th, Pete Davidson was set to go to space aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard, in the process taking one small step for man, but one giant leap for surprisingly tall potheads. Now, however, the only way he’s leaving Earth is with an eighth of the good stuff; a schedule change will prevent Davidson from achieving liftoff.

“Blue Origin’s 20th flight of New Shepard has shifted to Tuesday, March 29,” the space flight company shared on social media. “Pete Davidson is no longer able to join the NS-20 crew on this mission. We will announce the sixth crew member in the coming days.”

Last-minute schedule changes are common with space flights, which require nearly perfect weather in order to reduce the risk of mishaps. It’s not clear why Davidson is no longer able to attend, though he has recently been absent from Saturday Night Live filming a biopic about Joey Ramone.


Instead, Davidson will likely keep going on dates with Kim Kardashian while ignoring his extremely one-sided feud with her ex-partner Kanye West. Despite appearing in multiple Ye videos as a victim of beatdowns and decapitations, Davidson has only responded once — from Kim’s bed.

As for the March 29th New Shepard flight, that as-yet unfilled sixth crew spot could go to another recognizable celebrity. Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos has been using that final seat to win some free promotion, and on past ventures he’s brought aboard William Shatner and Michael Strahan.