Mikey Doling, guitarist for ’90s nu-metal band Snot, has called out Limp Bizkit for tapping $not (the rapper) as support for their recently announced “Still Sucks” tour.

Doling apparently felt disrespected by his fellow nu-metal scenemates, personally addressing Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit in a since-deleted video.

“I wanted to say to Fred Durst, if you see this video, how dare you, man?” Doling said in the video (via Blabbermouth). “You were friends with Snot. Snot loved you, man. You came onstage with us and performed. [Late Snot singer] Lynn [Strait] went on stage with you in Boston. … We were friends. We shared drinks, stage, music [and] all that, and all these years later you take an artist named $not on tour with you? What the f**k is that, man? Bullshit. … And to that fake $not kid — [Doling flips the bird] right there, brother. There’s only one f**king Snot. Get some.”

There hasn’t been a response from the Limp Bizkit camp, but the rapper $not took to Twitter to express his astonishment at the situation.

“This actually ridiculous,” he wrote. “Old man mad about my name.”

As Doling mentioned, late Snot singer Lynn Strait famously appeared during Limp Bizkit’s 1998 Ozzfest performance in Boston, emerging nude from the band’s prop stage toilet and later being arrested for the stunt. Later that year, Strait and his boxer Dobbs — the Get Some cover star — were tragically killed in a car accident in December.

Snot re-formed in 2008 with future Bad Wolves singer Tommy Vext as their new frontman. Carl Bensley took over vocals in 2014 and remains their lead singer. The band still tours, performing material from their two studio albums, Get Some (1997) and Strait Up (2000), the latter featuring a guest spot by Durst.


As for Limp Bizkit, the band’s 2022 “Still Sucks Tour” kicks off April 28th in Tampa, Florida, with additional support from Wargasm UK, Scowl, Yung Gravy, and Dying Wish. Get tickets here.