Sunflower Bean test the odds on their latest single “Roll the Dice,” from their upcoming third album Headful of Sugar.

The Brooklyn trio grind out a churning, distortion-laden clash against the traps of capitalism, with bassist Julia Cumming and guitarist Nick Kivlen dispensing their disillusionment over its “nothing in this life is really free” hook. Despite the group’s awareness of the challenges stacked against them, they’re driven by a futile optimism that reaches its peak as Cumming recites “I just wanna win, win, win” with a detached persistence.

“Almost everyone we know struggles with money,” the band shared in a press statement. “The traditional routes towards success and stability in America have severely narrowed. The only way to get ahead is to take big risks and roll the dice.”

Lyrically, the song delivers on the album’s overarching theme, which Kivlen previously described as “the lived experience of late capitalism, how it feels everyday, the mundanity of not knowing where every construct is supposed to ultimately lead you.” While the topic may sound dour and ultimately hopeless, the band’s focus on coping with its effects make for a compelling battle as they refuse to be consumed or defeated by it. 


The grimy production and lyrical money-grab is matched visually by the music video’s seedy motel parties and an all-out bar brawl. Directed by Josefine Cardoni, who also helmed the video for “Who Put You Up to This?,” the story extends the previous single’s salacious storyline and leaves the stakes raised with Cumming left on the bar floor weighing the costs of her actions as police sirens approach.

Headful of Sugar is slated for a May 6th release via Mom + Pop and is also preceded by 2021’s “Baby Don’t Cry.” Pre-orders are ongoing.

The band is currently on tour through the early summer, with a stop at SXSW next week and UK/US legs following in April. Grab a seat via Ticketmaster.