Tomberlin is gearing up to release her sophomore record, i don’t know who needs to hear this…, on April 29th. As a preview, the folk artist has shared a new single called “tap.”

A recent New York City transplant, Tomberlin was inspired to write “tap” by the lengthy walks she would take to re-center herself amid that lonely first winter of COVID-19. Driven by a chugging drum beat that feels reminiscent of classic outlaw country, “tap” evokes the strange feeling of seeing the world in a new perspective, interweaving slice-of-life observations with more personal reflections: “Always wondering about my health/ Always wondering if I’ll go to hell,” she sings. “And I should sleep more/ But I’m always wide awake.”

“It was January 2021, my first pandemic winter in New York, when I wrote this song,” Tomberlin explained in a statement. “I was investigating the things that help in connecting me to myself… This song shifts through scenes of what does connect and disconnect me from myself. It’s funny because I think releasing music to be consumed by the public does both very strongly for me.”


“tap” arrives with a DIY video directed and edited by Tomberlin herself, documenting the making of i don’t know who needs to hear this… Listen to the song below.

i don’t know who needs to hear this… also includes the previously-released single “happy accidents.” You can hear Tomberlin’s new songs live when she goes on tour this year; get your tickets over at Ticketmaster.