Tool are presently in the midst of a 2022 US tour, having kicked off the trip in Eugene, Oregon in early January — picking up where their canceled 2020 tour left off. Tool’s current US outing runs through March 20th in Cleveland, after which the band will storm Europe and the UK in late April for a month’s worth of trekking. Tickets are available via Ticketmaster.

The Los Angeles-based band arrived in Newark, New Jersey on Saturday night (February 26th), taking on the Prudential Center stage for the first time since the first leg of their Fear Inoculum tour also landed them in the home of the New Jersey Devils back in fall 2019. As they’ve been doing since Fear Inoculum was released, the band kicked off their live show with the album’s title track, all while surrounded by a semi-transparent curtain consisting of light string drapes used to reflect the band’s iconic and sometimes even nightmare-inducing imagery.

Frontman Maynard James Keenan and company would stay engulfed by their custom string curtain throughout renditions of “Opiate” (for which they just released a reimagined version), “The Pot” and “Pushit” (which they’re playing on tour for the first time since their 2014 North American run). Eventually, the drapery would be pulled aside for “Pneuma,” revealing a massive LED video wall flanked by additional video columns and accompanied by a slew of moving lights and lasers to complete the band’s massive visual presence. The band would go on to perform “The Grudge,” “Eon Blue Apocalypse,” “The Patient,” and “Hooker With a Penis” (another tune that hadn’t made it on the band’s setlist in many years) before taking an intermission.


With bladders empty and beer cups refilled, fans slowly took to their seats as drummer Danny Carey pummeled his kit as a preface to the band’s peculiar synth odyssey “Chocolate Chip Trip,” which was followed by “Culling Voices,” a performance that saw the band intimately joined together, front and center, all the while confetti magically trickled from the arena’s roof.

Tool ended the show with “Invincible,” with Maynard granting fans the permission to pull out their “stupid cellphones” and film the last song. Tool performed six out of the seven main tracks off Fear Inoculum while in Jersey, only opting to set aside their Grammy-winning song “7empest.” (In case you missed it, Tool recently set the retail release date for the Ultra Deluxe vinyl version of Fear Inoculum.)

L.A. stoner rockers The Acid Helps provided opening support, warming up the crowd with their tracks “This Thing Will Not Die,” “Sink Pisser” and more. Guitarist and vocalist Tim Dawson is also known for his work with Legend of The Seagullmen (feat. members of Mastodon and Tool) and The Birth Defects, while drummer Ryan “Junior” Kittlitz has performed with All Hail The Yeti, Compromise, SNFU and more.


Pick up tickets to the remaining dates on the tour here, and see photos of Tool and The Acid Helps from the New Jersey show below, followed by the setlist

Photo Gallery: Tool and The Acid Helps in Newark, New Jersey (click to enlarge and scroll through):

All photos by Johnny Perilla.

Tool setlist:
Fear Inoculum
The Pot
The Grudge
Eon Blue Apocalypse
The Patient
Hooker With a Penis
Chocolate Chip Trip
Culling Voices