Travis Barker is fully aware that his fiancée, Kourtney Kardashian, doesn’t know much about Cannibal Corpse, but calls criticism of her wearing the band’s shirt “f**king lame.” As he explains in a new interview, it was his shirt, and he’s a huge fan of the legendary death metal act.

Back in September, Kardashian was photographed wearing a gory Cannibal Corpse Eaten Back to Life shirt as she walked holding hands with Barker, who had on a Cramps shirt. As expected, she was called out by certain metalheads for sporting a shirt of a band she likely knew nothing about. In fact, founding Cannibal Corpse singer Chris Barnes shared the photo on Twitter and simply captioned it “Posers.”

Barker was asked about the backlash in a new conversation with Revolver, and he responded, “To speak on that, that’s the lamest shit ever. Obviously my fiancée doesn’t listen to Cannibal Corpse, but I do. I grew up loving them. For [someone] to mention that in a negative light — f**king lame. She’s wearing it because she’s cold. She’s not claiming she knows every song. But I do! I bought every album, and I learned how to play every album.”


The Blink-182 drummer continued, “I grew up a punk-rock kid, [but] everything with punk rock — ‘I’m more punk than you’ — just f**k all that. Be stoked that people are into music. Music is beautiful! It changes people’s lives. It creates the best memories. Just celebrate it, you know?

Barker’s collection of metal shirts doesn’t stop with Cannibal Corpse. His closet represents a who’s who of heavy hitters. “I have a gang of Cannibal Corpse T-shirts,” he added. “I still love them. I have a gang of King Diamond T-shirts and rare Slayer shirts because I f**king love those bands. I grew up on them. Even though I’m, you know, whatever the world wants to view me as — ‘Oh, that’s Blink-182’s drummer’ — actually that guy was playing in a garage with a bunch of speed-metal kids listening to D.R.I. and S.O.D. I enjoyed every f**king minute of it.”

As for Barker’s latest projects, the drummer has been collaborating with a number of artists lately, including Avril Lavigne, Willow Smith, and Machine Gun Kelly. He also produced the new album from the band Ho99o9.


See the shirt in question in the Tweet below.