Kirk Hammett on Discovering Prog Rock and Having the First Metallica Solo Release

The guitar god talks about his Portals EP

kirk hammett kyle meredith with portals
Kyle Meredith With Kirk Hammett

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    Metallica’s Kirk Hammett gives Kyle Meredith a call to talk about his debut solo EP, Portals, and how it was birthed from his horror movie exhibition and when Metallica did S&M 2.

    The guitarist tells us about just discovering prog rock bands like Genesis, Yes, and Jethro Tull, as well as not being much of a fan of The Beatles. He also talks about what it means to have his EP be the first Metallica solo release, and the possibility of eventually playing these songs live.


    Hammett also discusses if he would do a guest-packed solo album in the vein of Tom Morello’s recent releases, future plans with The Wedding Band (which also features Robert Trujillo), and having more time for creative projects now that he’s seven years sober.

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