Post Animal Break Down Love Gibberish Track by Track: Exclusive

The Chicago five-piece run through the nine songs of their newest LP

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Post Animal, photo by Courtney Sofiah Yates

    Our Track by Track feature series gives artists room to break down every song from their latest release. Today, Chicago rockers Post Animal dive into Love Gibberish.

    Post Animal were in the midst of a tour when the first lockdown of the pandemic hit. Their vibey sophomore LP Forward Motion Godyssey had just dropped and the Chicago quintet seemed poised to continue their upward trend. Then, like everything else, their trajectory took a hard left turn.

    Undeterred, the band — made up of Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Javier Reyes, Wesley Toledo, and Matthew Williams — immediately took advantage of the newfound free time. The group initially traded demos and ideas recorded in each member’s respective home, before reconvening at Hirshland’s family farm to put it all together.


    The result is Love Gibberish, an optimistic, multi-genre record that sees the band willing to indulge in any and all of their influences. From the Van Halen worship of “No More Sports” to the guitar psychedelia of “Don’t Go That Way,” Post Animal are having fun and they aren’t afraid to show it.

    The exciting album acts as a way to deal with the complexities of life, particularly the struggles brought on by the last few years. Love Gibberish aims to be a comforting, understanding statement for anyone who needs company.

    “If you feel as if you’re alone, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone,” the band tells Consequence. “Just know that you absolutely have what it takes to take on whatever challenges life throws your way. You got this, and we’re sending our love and support along the way!”


    Despite its name, Love Gibberish makes a lot of sense. With the dawn of summer, the caring, radically positive nine tracks couldn’t have arrived a moment sooner. Stream the album below, followed by the band’s breakdown of each track. Post Animal are also currently halfway through their latest tour. You can grab tickets to the remaining dates here.

    “Bolt from Above”:

    This song comes from a sense of clarity in a dark time. It is meant to be a grounding anthem of growth and an encouragement to love and accept ourselves entirely — knowing that can be kinda hard sometimes!

    “Love is Trouble”:

    This song is about how worthwhile a deep love connection can be, even if it’s not always easy find. It’s told through these huge synth swells and larger than life guitars that reflect the super grand feelings we humans are capable of tapping into when we discover a connection like that.


    “No More Sports”:

    This song is an ode to early arena rock of the ’80s with a twist of ego death. All the bravado of a hair metal song with lyrics that examine self accountability. We all deserve to let loose in the circle pit of life, but never at the expense of others. We’re not playing games anymore.