Woosung Breaks Down Moth EP Track By Track: Exclusive

Plus, check out the new music video for lead single "Phase Me"

woosung moth ep
Photo courtesy of artist, artwork by Ben Kaye

    In our Track by Track feature, artists guide listeners through each track on their latest release. Here, Woosung explores his new EP, Moth.

    During his set supporting Epik High on the March 30th, 2022 stop of their North American tour, Woosung shyly accepted a rose from someone in the crowd. It was a good move by the fan — Woosung initially became known both in South Korea and the U.S. as the frontman for The Rose, an indie pop rock band rooted in Seoul.

    Now, while his bandmates are completing their compulsory military service in South Korea, Woosung has been performing as a soloist, including the shows this spring with Epik High. It’s not entirely new for him to be stepping out on his own — he made his solo debut back in 2019, and this new project, Moth (available today, May 13th) serves as his second EP.


    Known for his raspy vocals and simmering stage presence, Woosung speaks of his music gently and thoughtfully in a one-on-one setting. “Listening to people talk about their lives, hearing what they go through on an everyday basis, that’s what inspired me most here,” he tells Consequence over Zoom.

    This latest collection of music is four songs long, with “Phase Me,” a bouncy, rock-tinged track, as the lead single. He was also, as the name suggests, drawn to a focus on moths and butterflies, interested in unpacking why one managed to develop a reputation for beauty, while the other isn’t appreciated in the same way.

    Next, he’ll be embarking on a four-stop showcase to celebrate the release, giving fans the chance to hear the album in full in an intimate setting. That is, the fans who were able to secure tickets — all four U.S. locations have already sold out.


    Check out Woosung’s exclusive Track by Track breakdown of the new EP.