King Princess Announces Hold on Baby Release Date, Shares Singles “Cursed” and “Too Bad”: Stream

Her sophomore album drops July 29th

king princess cursed too bad stream
King Princess, photo by Collier Schorr

    Hold On Baby, because King Princess’ new album is out this summer. The singer-songwriter has announced that her sophomore record will be out July 29th, and along with new details about the project, she’s shared two new songs, “Cursed” and “Too Bad,” along with a companion video. Watch it below.

    Produced alongside Mark RonsonEthan GruskaAaron DessnerBryce Dessner, Dave Hamelin, Shawn Everett, and Tobias Jesso Jr., Hold On Baby was a concerted effort by King Princess to be more vulnerable in her songwriting. As such, she shared an emotional statement about the making of the album.

    “I’ve only ever written about heartbreak,” the artist said. “It felt easier to talk about myself through other people. To write about situations that caused me pain, and to use them to justify my own anxieties and depression. It finally reached a point where I had to turn the barrel on myself. I’m silly, I’m anxious, I’m sad, I’m sexy. I didn’t want to be scared to talk about those things anymore. The infinite dichotomy of things that make me up. I’m not a girl, not quite a boy, a lesbian, but also gay as the day is long.”


    King Princess continued: “I’m not one thing. I’m not sure I like myself, but I’m figuring it out. Hold On Baby is a search for a new heartbreak. It’s a love letter to my girlfriend. It’s a firm read of myself. And it’s a reminder of the totems in my life that give me hope; my dog who is my fiercest companion and the owl that represents my grandparents.”

    “I want this album to give you all some strength in accepting ourselves; as chaotic as we can be,” the songwriter finished her statement. “It’s not easy being alive and I feel indebted to you all for providing me air to breathe in this insane world. That’s what King Princess has always been about at its core. Making a home for us to feel safe and weird and messy and imperfect. You are not alone in your feelings. I bet you I feel and have felt the same. This album is for anyone who needs a sanctuary to be vulnerable. I’m here with you, and I love you.”

    Prepare to get in your feels and listen to new singles “Cursed” and “Too Bad” below, then scroll onward to see Hold On Baby‘s artwork. Pre-orders for the LP are ongoing.


    This summer, King Princess will embark on the “Hold on Baby Tour” with support from Dora Jar and St. Panther, and later, she’ll perform at All Things Go Festival. Grab tickets to all of her upcoming shows via Ticketmaster.

    Hold on Baby Artwork:

    king princess hold on baby artwork