Live PD Returning to Television Because the “Environment Has Changed”

The popular reality TV series was canceled in 2022 following George Floyd's murder

Live PD On Patrol: Live
Live PD (A&E)

    Following George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent nationwide protests against police brutality in the Summer of 2020, A&E ceased production on its popular reality series Live PD. Now, just two years later the series is being revived as On Patrol: Live, with new episodes set to air on Reelz.

    The original iteration of Live PD aired for three hours on Friday and Saturday nights, bringing live feeds from police patrols to viewers with commentary from host Dan Abrams and one-time Lana Del Rey boyfriend, police sergeant Sean “Sticks” Larkin. It was the No. 1 watched show in its slot in 2019, and became one of the most watched programs on all of cable TV throughout the pandemic.

    In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Abrams said On Patrol: Live will follow a similar format, featuring live ride-alongs and commentary from Larkin and others. “In most ways it is going to be a very similar type of show to the one that existed previously,” Abrams explained.


    Abrams, who also serves as the Chief Legal Analyst for ABC News, disagreed with the decision to cancel Live PD in 2020 and has “been advocating for the show to return or two years now.”

    I do think the environment has changed [since Live PD was canceled], but I don’t think that should have determined whether Live PD, or a show like it, what is now being called On Patrol: Live, should be on the air,” Abrams told THR. “I think the more we talk about policing, the more we should want to watch police officers doing what they do. There was a conversation then about policing, there is a conversation now about policing, and as a result I think it is a good thing to have a lens on police departments.”

    Cops, which was also canceled in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, was rebooted by FOX News in 2021.