NEU! Announce NEU! 50! Box Set and Tribute Album, Share New “Hallogallo” Remix: Stream

The tribute album features The National, IDLES, Mogwai, and more

NEU Box Set Michael Rother Klaus Dinger 50th Anniversary Vinyl German Krautrock Stephen Morris Gabe Gurnsey Remix
NEU!, photo by Anton Corbin

    Krautrock pioneers NEU! have unveiled the NEU! 50! box set to mark the 50th anniversary of their self-titled debut album. The collection arrives on September 23rd via Grönland, and includes a tribute album of reworkings and covers by The National, Idles, Mogwai, They Hate Change, and more.

    NEU! 50! compiles the first three albums released by the German duo — comprised of Michael Rother and the late Klaus Dinger — along with the NEU! Tribute Album in 5xLP or 5xCD sets that also come with a stencil of the band’s iconic logo and booklet. The CD set also includes NEU ’86, the long-delayed reunion album last revived in 2010 for their most recent box set.

    Their self-titled debut album will also be commemorated with a picture disc, cassette, and limited edition orange vinyl, slated to drop June 17th. Pre-orders are ongoing. A limited edition 7-inch of their first two singles “Super” and “Neuschnee” is up for grabs now.


    The first offering from the NEU! Tribute Album arrives as a collaboration between New Orders Stephen Morris and Factory Floor’s Gabe Gurnsey. The pair remix NEU!‘s opening track “Hallogallo” in a tribute that stretches back to the very beginning for Morris. In a statement shared via the song’s music video, he recalled, “I first heard NEU! sometime late in 1972, not long after the first album came out…I’d never heard anything like it. It was absolutely brilliant. From the first few hypnotic seconds of ‘Hallogallo’ I was hooked.”

    Regarding the origins of the band’s long-held mysterious reputation and cult favorite status, Morris added, “I had no idea who Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger were. There were no interviews in the music papers, but the two tiny photos on the back of the bright red sleeve said all I needed to know. The sound they made was very REAL —  alive and emotional. Ambient and driving —  it was like they were there in my bedroom with me. Needless to say I played the album endlessly on repeat and bored all my friends to death with how brilliant NEU! were. This was the sort of music I wanted to make. 50 years later you can hear their influence everywhere.”

    Check out the remix track and the full compilation’s tracklist below.

    NEU! 50! Box Set

    NEU! 50! Box Set Tracklist:
    Side A
    01. Hallogallo
    02. Sonderangebot
    03. Weissensee

    Side B
    01. Im Glück
    02. Negativland
    03. Lieber Honig

    NEU! 2
    Side A
    01. Für Immer (Forever)
    02. Spitzenqualität
    03. Gedenkminute (für A + K)
    04. Lila Engel


    Side B
    01. Neuschnee 78
    02. Super 16
    03. Neuschnee
    04. Cassetto
    05. Super 78
    06. Hallo Excentrico!
    07. Super

    NEU! ’75
    Side A
    01. Isi
    02. Seeland
    03. Leb’ Wohl

    Side B
    01. Hero
    02. E-Musik
    03. After Eight

    NEU! ’86
    Side A
    01. Intro (Haydn slo-mo)
    02. Dänzing
    03. Crazy
    04. Drive (Grundfunken)
    05. La Bomba (Stop Apartheid World-Wide!)
    06. Elanoizan

    Side B
    01. Wave Mother
    02. Paradise Walk
    03. Euphoria
    04. Vier 1/2
    05. Good Life
    06. November
    07. KD

    NEU! Tribute Album
    01. Im Glück (The National Remix)
    02. Weissensee (Fink Version)
    03. Super (Mogwai Remix)
    04. 4+1=5 (Alexis Taylor Cover)
    05. Hallogallo (Stephen Morris and Gabe Gurnsey Remix)
    06. Lieber Honig (Yann Tiersen Remix)
    07. Super (Man Man Remix)
    08. Negativland (Idles Negative Space Rework)
    09. Zum Herz (Guerilla Toss Cover)
    10. After Eight (They Hate Change Cover)