Post Malone Gives Seth Meyers “Face Tattoos” After Day Drinking: Watch

In support of his new album Twelve Carat Toothache

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Late Night with Seth Meyers (NBC)

    Post Malone has an album out, Twelve Carat Toothache, but perhaps because he holds about the same view of his new music as we do, his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers skipped the performance and went straight for “Day Drinking,” Meyers’ recurring segment in which two people get absolutely loaded.

    If you’ve ever seen Posty live, you may recall a red solo cup that he sometimes uses to stay hydrated. In other words he seems to have a little experience in this department, and during a section in which he drank cocktails based on his own tattoos, he certainly enjoyed himself more than Meyers.

    After taking sip of coffee, Red Bull, and Four Loko, the late night host nearly spit it out. “That is not — Wow, look at you,” he said when he noticed Posty still drinking. “I think that’s pretty good!” the pop star replied.


    Later, Post Malone used a sharpie to give Meyers facial tattoos. Meyers requested ink based on his three greatest loves: the Pittsburgh Steelers, The Flash, and his dog, Frisbee. Malone almost entirely ignored him, choosing instead to “focus on Frisbee,” because, as he said, “The Steelers suck and The Flash is slow compared to Superman.” The section ended with two people who had apparently never heard the theme song to Cheers attempting to sing it for a national audience. Check it out below.

    Post Malone had better luck with another theme song when he reworked “Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers Theme” for the live action reboot. Later this summer he’ll be playing Rock and Rio Lisboa, Lollapalooza Stockholm, and Outside Lands. Tickets are available here.