Origins is a recurring new music series giving artists the opportunity to share exclusive insights into their latest release. Today, Pale Waves frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie breaks down the band’s new single, “The Hard Way.”

    Pale Waves continue to prove themselves to be a force of nature ahead of their third studio album, Unwanted, with their new single, “The Hard Way.”

    The track was lyrically inspired by real-life events of frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie and sonically inspired by American bands like My Chemical Romance and Green Day. Beginning as an acoustic ballad that builds toward soaring electric guitars, “The Hard Way” feels distinct from the rest of the record’s straightforward pop-punk sound. It also doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects like pain and guilt, but rather embraces them.

    “I feel like the album has a running theme of not feeling like you’re good enough, and the person who ‘The Hard Way’ is about was made to not feel good enough by multiple people,” Baron-Gracie tells Consequence. “She ended up taking her own life because of that, so it’s kind of a message to people to be kinder with their words and to be careful with human beings because we’re all delicate at the end of the day.”


    “The Hard Way” dives into deep regret and remorse, making it one of the UK band’s most intimate singles to date. Listen to the song and read Heather Baron-Gracie’s Origins breakdown below.

    Unwanted is out on August 12th via Dirty Hit and features the previous singles “Reasons to Live” and “Jealousy.” Pre-orders are ongoing. Pale Waves are currently touring across North America ahead of a string of international festival dates; grab your tickets now via Ticketmaster.