Andrew Bird and Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam have found freedom on the other side of peak popularity: past branding, past pretense, where all that’s left is joy in making music. The newfound friends took a break from touring the country together to perform a joint Tiny Desk Concert, and their set was as casual and exuberant as if they were noodling around on the porch on a Saturday night.

The pair have an easy chemistry, with Bird playing the handsome straight man and Beam the class clown. “We started learning each other’s songs,” Bird said. “I love Sam’s writing” — at which time Beam interrupted: “I love your handwriting.”

They opened with “Make a Picture” from Bird’s 2022 album Inside Problemsbefore moving on to the 2007 Iron & Wine favorite, “Flightless Bird, American Mouth.” Then Beam sang Bird’s parts on “Left Handed Kisses,” while Bird took over for Fiona Apple, and the set closed with a song celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, “Orpheo Looks Back.” Check out the set below.


Having spent most of 2022 touring together, Bird and Beam will enjoy a brief break before hitting the road once again in September. Tickets are available here.

Make a Picture
Flightless Bird, American Mouth
Left Handed Kisses
Orpheo Looks Back