Your honor, ATEEZ is actually wild for this one.

Welcome back to the kings of the high seas, the merriest band of pirates in K-pop, and the enormous well of talent that is ATEEZ (Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Mingi, San, Yeosang, Wooyoung, and Jongho). There’s so much to love about the eight-member group — their playful team dynamic, their unique movement style within the world of K-pop, and their commitment to their music all comes to mind — but a front on which ATEEZ never lets us down is the ENERGY.

I’m really bad at cardio, but listening THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT make me feel like I could probably run a six minute mile. I’m not sure if that’s a fast mile, but it sounds extremely quick to me. With that in mind, here’s a ranking of the new tracks based on just how motivated they make me feel.

07. “New World”:

This song feels more anthemic than chaotic or energetic, but I’m sure this would slay live if they choose to include it on the set list for their upcoming tour — especially Mingi’s verse. (As usual.) It’s kind of a perfect way to end the album — “Wake up world, how do you feel?” they ask, bookending the question that kicks off the EP.


06. “WDIG (Where Do I Go)”:

It’s a bop, and to even call this song mellow in any sense feels blasphemous. ATEEZ’s discography is packed with so many wild beats, though, that this track, with the anti-drop into the chorus, feels comparatively chill. (Sure, that idea is almost completely undone by Hongjoong’s part of the second verse, but that’s just life in the ATEEZ world, isn’t it?)


It’s giving… Stranger Things distilled through a 21st-century EDM beat? Would be higher on the list if not for the fact that just as we’re getting into it, the song ends. The first time I heard this beat in the comeback trailer, I thought my heart was going to explode.

04. “The Ring”:

These boys love a song about boxing, but with “The Ring,” ATEEZ is definitely referring to a different ring — specifically, the one to rule them all. With lyrics that focus on rising darkness, lust for power, and the need for teamwork, the many allusions to the world of The Lord of the Rings reach a peak at the end of the track. We might not be able to carry the pressure this song entails, but no worries — ATEEZ will do it for us.


03. “Cyberpunk”:

The pulsing beat doesn’t feel too far off from something Lady Gaga might have given us back in 2015 (a compliment!) and the descending melody on the chorus is addicting. The song sounds like flashing lights in a dark club and dancing all night, even if the lyrics are about pain, sadness, losing control, etc. A classic English-language K-pop fan conundrum.

02. “Sector 1″:

Hear me out. This is a bit of a controversial placement, seeing as the song starts out with such a smooth vibe, but once that chorus hits? There’s no going back. It’s probably thanks to Jongho’s vocals, which are, as usual, unreal. Catch me punching through a concrete wall when the beat drops.

01. “Guerilla”:

There was simply no other choice but to put the lead single from the mini-album at number one. Hongjoong’s scream?! Where do I send a thank you fruit basket for whichever demon possesses San whilst onstage? This song is absurd, and it’s a miracle it works at all. Lemme grab my tennis shoes because when this track comes on I’m a runner, I’m a track star.


Every time ATEEZ perform this song on a music show, their chance of getting any other K-pop star to do the choreography with them for TikTok drops by another percentile. What are we screaming about? I’m not sure, but every time they yell, I’m ready to do the same.