“The sun may produce a stream of charged particles that would turn off electricity,” Bill Nye says as he lists the various ways our lack of action on climate change could come back to haunt us. “A comet nucleus could come and hit the earth and just be devastating. If we continue to pump down these aquifers we depend on for agriculture, we won’t have crops and we’ll starve. These are real things that we can see coming.”

    Yeah, it’s a little rough out there, particularly in regard to possible climate-related catastrophes. Bill Nye understands that all too well on The End is Nye, his new show for Peacock. A long-time climate activist and reported science guy, Nye’s new series gives viewers a front row seat to cataclysmic environmental disasters.

    “[Producer Seth MacFarlane is] very adamant about the following idea: that conservative media is so popular because they scare people. So, we need to scare people,” Nye explains to Consequence. “That was what led, in many ways, to the structure of the show.”


    The End Is Nye goes where few other mainstream productions have: Each episode depicts, with gusto, potentially imminent and certifiably disastrous circumstances as they would happen today. It’s a bitter but necessary medicine, and, at least initially, Nye offers no sugar to help it go down.’