It’s not time to go back outside just yet: Bo Burnham has today announced a deluxe box set of the music to Inside — his pandemic Netflix special from last year — as well as the recently-released The Inside Outtakes, which you can also watch on Netflix now.

Inside (Deluxe) arrives on a triple-LP vinyl format, comprises songs like “Bezos I”, “All Eyes On Me,” “White Woman’s Instagram,” and all the other songs from Inside that made their way over to TikTok. In addition to the tracks you know and love, you’ll hear 13 new songs as well as 13 score tracks from both Inside and The Inside Outtakes. Burnham’s webstore will stock a limited number of autographed RGB-colored pressings, while Target and Urban Outfitters will each carry their own exclusive color. Pre-orders are ongoing, including on Amazon.

Inside (Deluxe) comes in very stylish-looking packaging, which also holds a 24-page lyric book, a 12″-by-12” art card, and three Inside window clings, so you can always be reminded of Burnham each time you gaze into the outside world from the familiar comfort of your room. Check out the packaging below.


Burnham’s Inside seemingly made a fan out of everyone if they weren’t already — even Phoebe Bridgers, who shared a cover of his song “That Funny Feeling” last October. As if the solitude of the special wasn’t terrifying enough, it was also revealed that the house where Burnham filmed it was the same house used as the exterior used for 1428 Elm Street in Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street.