Doom metal legends Candlemass have announced a new album, Sweet Evil Sun, coming November 18th via Napalm Records. The band has also offered up the video for lead single “Scandinavian Gods.”

The Swedish metal masters conjure elements of classic rock and vintage doom on the new track, crafting an immediate and accessible riffer that was appropriately chosen as the LP’s first offering. Original vocalist Johan Längquist — who returned to the band in 2018 after appearing on its iconic 1986 debut album — is in fine form, with his vocals soaring over the droning guitars and methodical drums.

“’Scandinavian Gods’ is Slayer meets Queen and Judas Priest!” remarked guitarist and band mastermind Leif Edling. “It’s about heritage and future and the fact that It is sometimes absolutely necessary to leave or at least doubt your old gods. It’s about the hardship in this, and the irony in the fact that you see yourself being drawn back to them over and over again, into these black circles and the forgetfulness of the past. Where do we wanna be? What shall we believe in? Do we need them to build a better future?”


Candlemass spent 18 months laboriously recording Sweet Evil Sun, which seeks to bring back “all the grandness of their early years, exploring themes of ambition and strife, hope and failure,” according to the press release.

The album was tracked at NOX studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Meanwhile, the artwork for Sweet Evil Sun was illustrated by frequent collaborator Erik Rovanperä — the architect behind Candlemass’ visual style since 2012’s Psalms for the Dead.

Sweet Evil Sun is about hope, striving, adoration and failure,” Edling said. “It’s about all the personal battles that you have, but also the never-ending decay of humanity.”


While vocalists have come and gone through their lengthy career, Candlemass have maintained a prolific rate of output since releasing the aforementioned Epicus Doomicus Metallicus in 1986. The upcoming album will be the band’s 14th studio effort and its second since Längquist’s return, following 2019’s The Door to Doom.

Pre-order Candlemass’ forthcoming album Sweet Evil Sun via Napalm Records. Stream “Scandinavian Gods” and see the album art and tracklist below.

Sweet Evil Sun Artwork:

Sweet Evil Sun Tracklist:
01. Wizard Of The Vortex
02. Sweet Evil Sun
03. Angel Battle
04. Black Butterfly
05. When Death Sighs
06. Scandinavian Gods
07. Devil Voodoo
08. Crucified
09. Goddess
10. A Cup Of Coffin (Outro)