In the third part of our interview with Corey Feldman, the musician and former child star tells us that he believes Marilyn Manson personally sabotaged his 2017 tour. Check out his thoughts on the 35th anniversary of The Lost Boys here, and reflections on his new box set, Love Left 2.1here.

    “The ‘Heavenly Tour’ was definitely the exact opposite of that,” Corey Feldman tells Consequence. “It was the ‘Hellish Tour.’ But that was due to infiltration. We had people that were sent in that were spies that were not there to be musicians but were there to cause mayhem.”

    According to Feldman, he has collected evidence suggesting that Marilyn Manson led an operation to successfully sabotage that 2017 tour. “If it walks like a horse and talks like a horse,” he says, inviting us to watch where we step.


    This isn’t the first time Feldman has publicly blasted Manson. In 2021 he accused the shock rocker of “decades long mental and emotional abuse,” saying Manson “has been obsessed w me 4 over 2 decades!” He also tweeted about problems on the 2017 tour, writing, “THE ABUSE THIS PSYCHO HANDS OUT, WAS KNOWN 2 ME BY THE SPIES HE SENT N2 MY LIFE, 2 RUIN MY TOUR,” and claiming that Manson was able to “MANIPULATE MY TOUR THRU THESE ‘FALSE ANGELS’ INCLUDING PLANTING HIS BUS DRIVER WADE ON MY TOUR.”

    Now he’s offering more details about the alleged sabotage, which he says included planting backup singers who were instructed to do a bad job. “They were purposely singing off-key,” he says, “Playing wrong parts, doing stuff like that so we would get negative attention, get negative reviews. And then made all these terrible allegations after the tour ended, saying that we didn’t feed them and we didn’t pay them, and they didn’t shower. Just stupid stuff.”