Dirty Heads Unveil New Album Midnight Control: Stream

The reggae-rockers' eighth LP

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Dirty Heads, photo by Anthony Duty

    Dirty Heads have returned with their new album Midnight Control. The reggae-rock group’s eighth studio LP is out today via Better Noise Music.

    Midnight Control is the culmination of almost twenty years of musical exploration, creativity, and our love for creating original impactful art and music,” vocalist Jared Watson said in a press release. “It’s the best album we’ve ever written, and I think that’s due to the fact we have been through so much, done so much, and are comfortable as songwriters, producers, players and human beings. And knowing who we want to work with to get what Sonics. We are so connected and on the same frequency with Ryan Ogren that it was just magic the whole time. We just wanna continue to make dope shit and push music forward and midnight control is exactly that.”

    Dirty Heads previewed the 10-track Midnight Control earlier this year with the singles “Heavy Water,” their collab with reggae rock stars Common Kings, as well as a cover of Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good.”  You can listen to it in full via Spotify or Apple Music below.


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    Midnight Control Artwork:

    dirty heads midnight control album art heavy water single

    Midnight Control Tracklist:
    01. Island Glow
    02. Heavy Water (feat. Common Kings)
    03. Life’s Been Good
    04. Make Me
    05. Midnight Control
    06. Little Things
    07. Indigo
    08. El Dorado
    09. Shade
    10. Live Your Life