Even as Warner Bros. Discovery tried to cool down spending, the newly merged media titan was shoveling more money onto human dumpster fire Ezra Miller. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the star of The Flash was called into “regularly scheduled additional photography over the summer, apparently without incident, before being charged with burglary — their third arrest this year — on Aug. 7 in Vermont.”

This report suggests that WBD continued investing in Miller after their first and second arrests in Hawaii, while aware of allegations of grooming against the troubled star. Miller was booked for disorderly conduct and second-degree assault in March and April, and accused of inappropriate relationships with at least two different children in the first half of June.

Despite these incidents, WBD CEO David Zaslav has continued to support The Flash. “We have some great DC films coming up — Black Adam, Shazam, and Flash, and we’re working on all of those,” he said during the company’s quarterly earnings call. “We’re very excited about them. We’ve seen them, we think they’re terrific, and we think we can make them even better.”


However, according to THR, decision makers are “evaluating all options” behind the scenes. But that hasn’t saved Zaslav from public ridicule, especially after he killed off dozens of highly anticipated projects, including the finished Batgirl film, in order to claim tax write-offs. Miller’s ongoing legal troubles have left filmmakers such as Kevin Smith wondering if WBD canceled the wrong movie.

Since then, further reporting has shed more light on Miller’s disturbing behavior. Allegedly, the star wears body armor and carries a gun at all times, and some of their sexual partners have compared them to a cult leader. Check out a full timeline of their controversies. For now, The Flash is expected in theaters June 23rd, 2023.