Today (August 26th), FIDLAR have unleashed “FSU,” their first release since 2019’s Almost Free. Hyper aggressive and perfectly dumb, “FSU” is not a thinking man’s song, it’s a moshing man’s song.

    “I mean, our name means ‘Fuck it, dog. Life’s a risk’,” frontman Zac Carper tells Consequence. “Like, we can’t get all Radiohead on everybody, you know what I’m saying? It’s a thought-mouth song. It’s about getting fucked up; It’s about fucking shit up.”

    And after a few years of being masked up, cooped up inside, and without the visceral experience of watching a bunch of dudes abuse their instruments, maybe that’s exactly the type of song we need. We’ve done a hell of a lot of thinking lately, and we’ll definitely do some thinking in the future, so why not lose all words in our vocabulary except “fuck shit up” for three minutes?


    For Carper, that’s the hope. He’s bringing FIDLAR back to be weirder than ever, dumber than ever, and to absolutely obliterate a concert venue near you. He’s fully embraced his “lizard brain” impulses and prioritized making a raucous over anything else.

    “FIDLAR has always had this thing where, no matter what we do, we could put out a terrible album or put out a terrible song, but we could play live and it would go off,” Carper tells Consequence. “And that would be [the case] if it was at a festival or if it was at a fucking Del Taco. Like, anywhere we played, it would go off.”

    He’s ready to shed the theatrics and just make some noise. To do so, he looked towards the new generation of aggressive musicians, those who seem to have unlocked the secrets of the lizard brain before him.


    “These kids, they don’t care about punk or whatever. You know what I mean? They just like hip-hop and they do whatever they want,” Carper explains. “Like, why would you fucking learn an instrument when you can just go out there and scream? It’s genius. They fucking figured it out.”