Days after being charged with several counts of criminal sexual contact at Monster-Mania Con in New Jersey, Gary Busey was caught pulling his pants down in a public park in California.

As Page Six reports, paparazzi caught Busey, 78, sitting on a bench at Point Dume Park in Malibu with his pants around his knees. He then stood up to pull his pants back up, and later smoked a cigar.

On August 19th, Busey was charged with two counts of criminal sexual contact (4th degree); one count of criminal attempt/criminal sexual contact (4th degree); and one count of harassment (disorderly persons offense) after allegedly groping two people. The Monster-Mania convention took place the weekend before, from August 12th to 14th.

Busey, known for such films as The Buddy Holly Story, Lethal Weapon, and Point Break, is no stranger to sexual misconduct. In 2008, he kissed Jennifer Garner without consent on the Oscars red carpet, and in 2014, he pulled his pants down in front of his housemates while appearing in the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother. 


Some have attributed the actor’s erratic behavior to a 1988 motorcycle crash that damaged his frontal lobe, making him “more impulsive and prone to anger and delusions of grandeur,” according to a 2019 Hollywood Reporter profile.  Busey’s eldest son, Jake, said the crash “turned his personality up to 11.”