Origins is a recurring new music series giving artists the opportunity to share exclusive insights into their latest release. Today, Jessie Baylin shares the background of her vintage-inspired new single. 

    Jessie Baylin is taking a journey to the past for her new music, in more ways than one.

    “Time Is A Healer,” the Nashville singer-songwriter’s new single, feels like it was pulled out of a 1970s daydream. It arrives ahead of a new album, titled Jersey Girl, which will be landing in full on September 23rd. Baylin was born and raised in New Jersey, but left as soon as she could; this album encompasses her experience unpacking her roots from her current vantage point.

    “Time Is A Healer” is a meditative, acoustic rock track that Baylin describes as the “rock outlier” of the album. In a recent statement, she shed some light on her decision to dig into this slice of her past, saying, “I spent a lot of years resisting the idea that I was ultimately just this scrappy kid from New Jersey, but as I explored myself through these songs — the ugly parts, the shameful parts, the things I didn’t want to look at — I got closer and closer to the true essence of who I am.”


    This is a time for Baylin to reclaim that part of her identity, on her own terms. “I have always had creative goals — some I have reached and some have broken me down,” Baylin shares with Consequence. “They’ve offered me revelations about myself, both good and bad.”

    Watch the music video and read Baylin’s Origins breakdown below.