Singer, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Laufey (pronounced Lay-Vay) has introduced a new generation to the world of classic jazz through her intimate songwriting. Today (August 26th), the LA-based artist shares her debut album, Everything I Know About Love.

    Laufey, who is known to draw from her classically trained background, weaves pieces of Tchaikovsky and Bach throughout the record, creating a captivating symphony for the modern age.

    Everything I Know About Love — which follows her 2021 EP Typical of Me — explores Laufey’s story of falling in love with a new city and letting go of the old faces of a past life. The contemporary jazz artist navigates her recent move to Los Angeles and the start of a new chapter, but doesn’t shy away from the challenges that come with moving to a new place.

    The title track, “Everything I Know About Love,” leans more on the punchy and vibrant side, while “I’ve Never Been In Love Before” pays homage to Chet Baker. Laufey deftly melds new elements of modern music with more traditional sounds of classic jazz, articulating the push and pull of love and loss with distinct eloquence.


    Listen to Everything I Know About Love and check out the story behind each track below. You can also catch Laufey on tour this fall; most dates are sold out, but some tickets remain via Ticketmaster.