LCD Soundsystem are playing at Netflix’s house: James Murphy’s indie project will release “New Body Rhumba,” their first new song in five years, on the official soundtrack for White Noise, Noah Baumbach’s upcoming film starring Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig.

No release has date been set for film or soundtrack, though Variety reports that “New Body Rhumba” will be released as a single later this year. It’s LCD Soundsystem’s first original track since 2017’s American Dream, which itself represented a comeback following a five-year retirement.

The run that included LCD Soundsystem (2005), Sound of Silver, (2007), and This Is Happening (2010) was the most immaculate trilogy since Shaq and Kobe were still on speaking terms. The band’s abrupt breakup in 2011, capped by the 2012 documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits, left fans shocked.


These days they’ve seemingly settled into the role of Indie Rock Elders, and if they don’t love touring, they at least enjoy playing residencies. Whether “New Body Rhumba” turns out to be a one-off or the first taste of new material remains to be seen. But if you want to hear it live, you can check out LCD Soundsystem’s October headlining set at III Points Music Festival 2022. Tickets are available here.