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Lzzy Hale of Halestorm discusses how her fame doesn’t preclude her from having mental health issues on the Going There with Dr. Mike podcast.

The Grammy Award-winning hard rocker discusses how “all the monsters feed on each other,” meaning that each mental health issue can exacerbate the other. She explains the struggles she’s had with depression and panic, including the guilt she often feels from struggling even though she in so many ways has a wonderful and successful life.

The Back from the Dead artist talks about her coping mechanisms, including seeking support from members of her band, including brother Arejay Hale and boyfriend Joe Hottinger. Having people around her to validate what she’s going through and help problem solve has proven invaluable to Hale’s mental health battles.

Ultimately, one of the key messages Hale wants to convey is that our mental health struggles can feel like such a burden to us that we assume everyone else will also see it the same way; but what’s important to remember is that the right people are the ones who do not make us feel like burdens. They’re the ones who welcome the opportunity to help us when we are struggling because they understand that this is part of a strong and healthy relationship.


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Going There is an interview series in which clinical psychologist and life coach Dr. Mike Friedman talks with musicians about the crossroads where music and mental health meet. The series tackles the tough questions and conversations so that we can put an end to the bias against mental illness and get the care we need.

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