Bassist Victoria De Angelis’ top fell off during Måneskin’s 2022 VMAs performance of “Supermodel,” leading MTV to partially censor the set with awkward cutaways to the audience.

De Angelis often wields her bass while wearing a loose-fitting shirt or jacket over nothing but a nipple guard, as evidenced by the Lollapalooza 2022 photo gallery. She began the set with her left shoulder and chest exposed except for a pasty, and according to Page Six, the wardrobe malfunction occurred as she joined a group of dancers at the front of the stage, causing the fabric that had been covering her right shoulder to fall off and pool around the elbow.

The malfunction likely happens around the 1:37 mark of the video below, when the camera angle suddenly stuttered back and forth between a medium and wide shot, before pulling away to show the audience for over 20 seconds. Afterwards, the camera stayed tight on vocalist Damiano David and his (more child-friendly?) ass-less chaps. Check out Måneskin’s performance of “Supermodel” below.


Måneskin will return to tour the US as part of their “Loud Kids World Tour” in October, November, and December. Tickets are available here.

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