Origins is a recurring new music series giving artists the opportunity to share exclusive insights into their latest release. Today, Matt Maeson breaks down his honest new single, “Cut Deep.”

    With his new single and lyric video, Matt Maeson is laying it all out. “Cut Deep,” from the singer-songwriter’s sophomore album Never Had to Leave (also out today, August 25th), is an honest and pointed release of frustrations, and while Maeson might have felt inspired to write the track thanks some disappointments from working in the industry, it’s a theme with which people even beyond the creative field can relate.

    “Cut deep and I’m still alive, I talk my shit ’til the day I die,” he repeats throughout the song. There are moments of tenderness and intimacy throughout Never Had to Leave, but “Cut Deep” feels like a friend sitting down after a long day and venting — a different kind of intimacy, so to speak.


    “The reason I make music is I want my songs to help people feel justified in whatever they’re feeling, especially if they’re going through hard times,” Maeson tells Consequence. “When I was seventeen, I started performing in prisons as part of my parents’ prison ministry, and I realized what music could do as far as helping people feel dignified and less alone.”

    Get an exclusive first look at the lyric video for “Cut Deep,” and read Maeson’s Origins of the track below. You can also catch Maeson on tour this fall; grab tickets via Ticketmaster.