Moses Sumney has spent the past two years promoting his stellar 2020 album græ, and now it’s time for him to take a hiatus from music as he focuses on other projects. Before he moves on for the time being, however, the musician is gearing up to release a live concert film called A Performance in V Acts, which will debut in full on Wednesday, August 31st via YouTube.

As a preview, Sumney has shared a cover of Björk’s “Come to Me” from his October 31st, 2021 performance at the Ford Theater in Los Angeles. Rocking a suit jacket with ornate ruffles and a skirt, the artist stripped down the 1993 track to primarily a bassline and a smattering of synths. After inducing goosebumps with his vocals, Sumney entered the crowd midway through the performance and made audience members swoon as he handed out flowers.

Watch video of the live cover below, along with a performance of his 2017 song “Doomed” and the trailer for A Performance in V Acts.

A Performance in V Acts marks the official end of the græ album cycle,” Sumney said about the film made in partnership with YouTube’s Black Voices Fund. “It’s a capsule of our headline show since we will not be touring the album after all. This film also ushers in a new period of creativity for me — one in which I take a continued break from making albums and touring music to focus on other disciplines.”


Just a few days ago, Sumney was announced as a new cast member on The Weeknd and Euphoria creator Sam Levinson’s upcoming HBO series The Idol. In February, the singer contributed to the soundtrack for the Michelle Yeoh-starring film Everything Everywhere All at Once after dropping his Live from Blackalachia album last November.