Ozzy Osbourne has had his fair share of run-ins with animals over the years, including famously biting the head off a bat onstage in 1982. But a lesser known story involves the metal icon taking acid and talking to a horse for an hour.

The Daily Star recently dug up some Ozzy quotes from the 2015 Black Sabbath biography Symptom of the Universe by Mick Wall, and it’s since been picked up as a “new” story by several outlets. While the story itself isn’t new, it’s certainly worth sharing.

“At that time in America, people were very fond of lacing your drinks with acid. I didn’t care,” Ozzy said in the book. “I used to swallow handfuls of tabs at a time. The end of it came when we got back to England.”


He continued, “I took 10 tabs of acid, then went for a walk in a field. I ended up standing there talking to this horse for about an hour. In the end, the horse turned round and told me to fuck off. That was it for me.”

In the same chapter, Sabbath bandmate Geezer Butler recalled another funny moment that involved Ozzy and acid.

“We got to California, and we were at this chick’s place, this massive beach house. And she gives us this stuff, psilocybin,” remembered Butler. “I’d never heard of it, didn’t know it was another name for acid, and just took it — me and Ozzy and these girls. Ozzy went for a swim in the ocean — at least he thought he did, but he was still on the beach, flailing away in the sand.”

Jumping ahead to the present day, Ozzy is preparing to release his new solo album, Patient Number 9, on September 9th. The LP boasts appearances from a slew of fellow music luminaries, including Tony Iommi, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Zakk Wylde, Chad Smith, Robert Trujillo, and the late Taylor Hawkins, among others.


And for more fun Ozzy and Sabbath stories, pick up the book Symptom of the Universe here.