Pete Davidson is reportedly in trauma therapy following the belligerent online harassment he experienced at the hands of Kanye West.

A source told People that Davidson began seeking help in April of this year “in large part” due to the rapper’s consistent verbal and physical threats against him, sparked by the Saturday Night Live alum’s romantic relationship with West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian: “The attention and negativity coming from Kanye and his antics is a trigger for [Davidson], and he’s had to seek out help,” the source added. In addition to his social media tirades, West also encouraged his fans to publicly harass Davidson, and even released music videos that depicted him decapitatatingskinning, and burying the comedian alive.

After nine month of dating, however, it was announced last week that Davidson and Kardashian had broken up. While they insisted that West’s behavior wasn’t a factor in the split, the rapper still rejoiced, sharing a photoshopped New York Times front page with the headline “Skete Davidson Dead At Age 28.”

“[Davidson] has no regrets for dating Kim and wants it to be made very clear that she’s been nothing but supportive of him throughout their relationship,” the source went on.

Whether the topic came about organically, through his projects, or just as a byproduct of his fame, Davidson has often been open about his struggles with mental health and living with borderline personality disorder. Since confirming his departure from SNL in May, he’s appeared in A24’s new horror-comedy Bodies Bodies Bodies.