Quicksand have unveiled the brand new song “Giving the Past Away” ahead of their North American tour with Clutch and Helmet. The track was recorded during the sessions for Quicksand’s 2021 album, Distant Populations, but the band ultimately decided to save the song for its own stand-alone release.

The tour with Clutch and Helmet kicks off September 13th in Toronto and runs through an October 16th show in Chicago, with tickets currently available via Ticketmaster.

While “Giving the Past Away” didn’t make it onto Quicksand’s most recent album, the New York City post-hardcore band hails it as one of their strongest songs to date.

“The working title for this song was ‘Greatest Quicksand Song Ever,’ so you can imagine it was a very tough call leaving this song off Distant Populations,” the band stated in a press release. “The only reason we could agree on to leave it off was that we wanted to have some really strong material in reserve for later in the year. Ultimately the title came from the most prominent line in the song which is an embrace of the present which is very in line with our thinking with Distant Populations, we’re super proud of this one and are very psyched to share it with the world.”

Quicksand, who formed back in 1990, feature singer-guitarist Walter Schreifels, drummer Alan Cage, and bassist Sergio Vega (ex-Deftones), all original members of the band.

Check out the visualizer for “Giving the Past Away” below and pick up tickets to Quicksand’s upcoming tour with Clutch and Helmet here.