After two postponements due to the pandemic, Rammstein have finally invaded North America with their highly anticipated 2022 stadium tour. It’s safe to say that the German industrial metal act puts on a pleasantly shocking and awe-inducing live show, one that has had its share of memorable moments over the years.

    With this being the band’s first full-scale stadium tour of North America (tickets available here), many of us will be witnessing the phenomenon that is a Rammstein concert for the first time ever. No longer will we have to rely on scouring Youtube for the best clips, when we can now experience the wonders of a Rammstein show live and in person.

    Rammstein’s antics are some of the most ostentatious in the business. Many involve fire, because of course they do, but some fall under the “crazy kind of charming” category that the band has encapsulated so well.


    In celebration of the inferno this tour is setting across the continent, here are 10 of Rammstein’s most mind-blowing concert moments over the years, some of which you’ll witness on this North American tour. Keep in mind that any list wouldn’t fully capture the entertaining absurdity of Rammstein’s live shows, since the band continues to set new standards for what concerts can look like.