If at some point over the past year or so, you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by the number of TV reboots, then you’re not alone. Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville, and Judy Greer play a trio of bygone sitcom stars in Hulu’s aptly-titled forthcoming series Reboot, which gets its official trailer today.

Things have gone downhill for Reed Sterling (Key), Bree Marie Larson (Greer), and Clay Barber (Knoxville) since they starred together on the 2000s family sitcom Step Right Up: Reed’s studies at Yale’s drama school aren’t enough to book him good jobs, Bree can only book bad low-budget projects, and Clay’s mainstream acting career has been cut short by a number of drug-related arrests.

Still, a younger sitcom writer (Rachel Bloom) is adamant on rebooting Step Right Up for Hulu (very meta). Reed, Bree, and Clay eventually comply, but their time back on the set is starkly different from the good old days: Namely, there’s the original Step Right Up creator Gordon (Paul Reiser), whose old-white-guyness means he has some catching up to do before making a sitcom in 2022. Zack (Calum Worthy), who played the family’s young son on Step Right Up, has perhaps let his brief child stardom feed his ego — and having his mom on set isn’t making things easier as she tries to woo Clay.


Created by Modern Family co-creator Steve Levitan, Reboot is set to premiere on September 20th. See Key, Knoxville, and Greer in the trailer below.

Key recently appeared in Mike Myers’ Netflix series The Pentaverate, and we saw Greer last year in the satirical animated comedy America: The Motion Picture. Speaking of 2000s reboots, we last saw Knoxville in Jackass Foreverthe first installment of the beloved stunt-comedy franchise in a decade.