Maybe the only thing more terrifying than staying single forever is winding up in a relationship that’s grown stale. Stella Donnelly navigates the woes of a spark that’s burned out on today’s new single “How Was Your Day?,” another sample of her forthcoming album Flood.

Inspired by watching numerous romantic relationships succumb to ennui throughout the pandemic, “How Was Your Day?” is quintessential Donnelly, blithely switching between her perky singing voice and deadpan spoken word. “Level-headedness has made way for a disastrous love,” she rants over an upbeat jangle. “I know it, you know it.” You can almost imagine her pacing around a living room mid-argument to her partner’s chagrin.

“This is my attempt at building a song out of a very specific dynamic between two monogamously involved people,” Donnelly writes in a statement. “The verses are just excerpts from real conversations, fragments of what two people talk about when they both know they need to have a real talk but neither wants to be the one to bring it up.”


The whimsical music video for “How Was Your Day?” was directed by Nick Mckk and Claire Giuffre. In it, a small cast of characters attempts to reach their respective partners on retro cell phones amid very dangerous circumstances — like a bloodied car accident or inexplicably winding up in a body of water. Watch it and listen to Donnelly’s “How Was Your Day?” below.

Flood is the follow-up to Donnelly’s fantastic 2019 debut Beware of the Dogs (Consequence crowned it one of the best of the year). The new album drops August 26th via Secretly Canadian, and the Aussie musician has already shared its lead single “Lungs.” She’ll also be hitting the road in North America and Europe this fall, and you can find tickets over at Ticketmaster.