T.I. punched one of The Chainsmokers in the face. You might be having a bad day, you might be despairing at the state of the world, but we have proof that good things do happen. For instance, T.I. punching one of The Chainsmokers in the face.

“T.I. just literally punched me in the face,” The Chainsmoker’s Drew Taggart explained in a TikTok on August 16th. Slurring his words, he added, “We were on a vibe, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek, and he totally punched me in the face. It was my fault.”

His partner Alex Pall was then given an order: “‘You need to get get your boy.'” Taggart continued, “He punched me in the face, and I was like, ‘Ok, I’m sorry,’ and he was like, ‘Alright,  cool, we’re good’ It was the weirdest interaction ever.”


T.I. responded in a 17-minute video on Instagram, and the first 30-seconds-plus were just him laughing. “Ok, first of all, I love The Chainsmokers,” he finally said, before bursting into giggles again. “We just had to work through some stuff.”

While declining to get into details, the Atlanta MC did note that, “Afterwards, we had a drink, we took a shot. You know what I’m saying, we moved on.” He also invited the duo to appear on his podcast “ExpediTIously,” writing in the caption, “Let’s sit down & chop it up.” Check out the artists’ takes on a strange night out below.

Last year, T.I. and his wife avoided charges after accusations of sexual assault, though not before he was dropped from Ant-Man 3. As for The Chainsmokers, they’re set to be blasted to the edge of space in 2024, and yes, before you ask, they are expected to return.


My bad T.I. won’t happen again… unless?

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