This September, Krautrock pioneers NEU! are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their self-titled debut album with the NEU! 50! box set, which includes a tribute album comprising covers and remixes by an impressive list of artist. One of those names is The National, who have today shared their remix of NEU!’s “Im Glück.”

The original version of “Im Glück” appeared on NEU! in 1972, and it’s a nearly-seven-minute drone track that doesn’t share much in common with The National’s typical indie rock. It’s pretty structureless with no rhythm section, almost acting like an intermission on the album. With The National’s touch, however, it becomes a bit of a dance number; the band add a shuffling house beat and layer it with more instrumentals, turning it into a much more active, melodic song.

Without Matt Berninger’s trademark baritone, it would be hard to tell this remix is by The National if you didn’t know already, but it’s interesting to see them try on a new-to-them style. Listen to “Im Glück (The National Remix)” below.


Out September 23rd, NEU! 50! compiles the German duo’s first three albums, along with the NEU! Tribute Album in 5xLP or 5xCD sets; pre-orders are ongoing. The NEU! Tribute Album also boasts appearances by Idles, Mogwai, They Hate Change, Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, Guerilla Toss, and more. New Order’s Stephen Morris and Factory Floor’s Gabe Gurnsey already teamed up on the lead single, a remix of NEU!’s “Hallogallo.”

As for The National, they just shared their own new song “Weird Goodbyes,” a collaboration with Bon Iver.